Grunn Funeral Home is now:
W.E. Lusain Funeral Home
3275 Erie Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45208
$2000 Visitation then Cremation:

- Transportation of body to Funeral Home
- Basic services of funeral home staff
- Embalming, Dressing, and Cosmetics
- Lincoln Rental Casket (standard size)
- Viewing at Funeral Home
- 1 Death Certificateand all Cremation fees

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followed by Cremation Package.

Optional Items:

Family Shuttle
(11 Passenger)
- $400

Saturday Funerals
- $300/hour

After 5pm Funerals
- $300/hour

Premium Programs
- must be quoted

Red Carnation Spray can be added for $200

Red Carnation Spray can be added for $200