Pre-Pay Example

$3,000 Complete Funeral Package:
- a 60 year old would pay $104.20/mo for 3 years*
- a 70 year old would pay $109.70/mo for 3 years*

*Dollar amounts are for example only and use automatic deductions for
a person in good health. Specific pricing may vary depending on a person’s individual circumstances. Longer payment periods may be available.

W.E. Lusain Funeral Home is not an
Insurance Provider. We use the following Insurance Providers:

Alabama: Thomas Jackson
(205) 902-7690

Ohio and Kentucky: Julie Carter
(937) 506-0304
(859) 630-8224


Benefits of Pre-Paying

-Allows person to ensure their wishes are carried out.
-Eliminates family from wondering “what did Mom or Dad want?”
-Minimizes potential for disagreement among remaining family members
-Eliminate concerns about who will pay for needed arrangements
-Avoids problem of large expense all at once; pre-planning can be done
on a payment plan but at-need cannot
-Can pay today’s cost for an event that happens in the future,
when costs are likely to be higher.